Our kitchen at Haukeliseter has a food concept mainly based on local ingredients such as lamb, reindeer, grouse and trout which are prepared with an international inspiration. We offer both three-course dinner and a menu with different homemade dishes.

Three Course Dinner

At Haukeliseter we love to experiment with good food, which is why this is a menu that continuously changes. We also have a special designed wine menu for each dinner to enhance the taste. You should always make a reservation for the three course dinner in advance to make sure to get a seat.

The Mountain Menu

This is our a la carte-option with a range of different homemade meals. The mountain menu is particularly popular with guests passing through Haukeliseter, but of course it's also avaliable to guests who are staying overnight but prefer a more basic option than a three course dinner. Whatever dinner you choose, we hope you will enjoy your meal!

The Local Food

At Haukeliseter we try to cook with as much local ingridients as we possibly can. This means that our food suppliers are mainly local and some ingridients we can even pick ourselfs. This is a collaborative effort to build more locally based, self-reliant food economies, one in which sustainable food production, processing, distribution and consumption is integrated to enhance the economic, enovironmental and social health of the area.