Mountain Summer

The advantage with the activities in and around Haukeliseter is that most of them can be linked to the concept of wilderness activities and so there's a real focus on the great outdoors. When it comes to independent travellers and people visiting on their own you are free to choose from a range of activities. During the summer the possibilities for activities close by the mountain lodge are endless. You will find waters rich in fish, exciting flaura and fauna, old routes with historic interest, great waterfalls, boat and kayaking as well as the latest addition to Haukeliseter's summer experience; life in the mountain chalet.
Foto: Fredrik Fjeld

Selection of day hikes

The highest peaks around Haukeliseter are never completely free from snow and should you opt to trek up to 1600-1700 meters above sea level you have to be prepared for snowy conditions. There are, however, plenty of trekking options that does not involve any snow for those who prefer that. Many choose to hike from cabin to cabin and use Haukeliseter as a starting or stopping point. However, most guest choose to come to Haukeliseter by car or bus, and have Haukeliseter as a base for exciting day hikes and other outdoor activities. The selection of hikes are large and there is something suitable for evereyone - both by foot and on skis. Here are some examples: 

Vesle Nup: The most popular day hike from Haukeliseter provides a fantastic view over Hardangervidda both summer and winter. The hike is suitable for most people and the trail is easy to find. 

Nupsfonn: For those who seek a more challenging hike, the area around Nupsfonn is an exciting option. Nupsfonn is one of the most southern glaciers in Norway. The terrain is dramatic with peaks, cliffs and glaciers. The hiking options here are many both by foot and on skis. 

Vassdalseggi: The highest top in Rogaland at 1658 meter above sea level is located south of Haukeliseter, and is a proper day hike for the more fit hikers. The hike can be done as a round trip both summer and winter. 

Verjesteinsnuten: This is a trip for free-riders. With its smooth and even 650 meters drop, and short travel distance, Verjesteinsnuten makes a great trip from December to the end of June.


There are plenty of excellent opportunities for trying your hand at fishing around Haukeliseter. Hardangervidda is described as one large fishing Eldorado. The different fishing areas are described in a fishing guide available in the reception. It is free to fish for anyone under the age of 16 and fishing licenses for adults are available in the reception. For more information please contact the reception.


There are several good areas for hunting around haukeliseter and the hunting season starts between 10th and 21th September. In some areas you are allowed to hunt with dogs. "Fonnafly" offer air transport to more remote hunting areas. You need to have a valid hunting license and you can purchase a specific permission to hunt in the area at the reseption. For more information please contact the reception. 

Historic routes

Should you come here by car and have plenty of time on your hand we would recommend that you drive along the small, old, twisty routes that wind their way up the mountains. They were built long before the modern European roads and you will be able to enjoy fantastic, unspoilt mountain scenery, but please drive carefully - the roads are very narrow.